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Interesting headline: "People's concern"

I liked this headline today in Indiaworld:

"Government ignoring people's concern, only clinging to power: Sonia"

Is there any list of "People's Concerns" that has been made public by the
Congress (I) party, that anyone is aware of? Maybe we can borrow that list
and add it to our manifesto. Surely this list is not to be found on the
Congress web page. Is it a private list known to a few 'leaders,' of ours
(we are Citizens Sheep A, B, C...: our leaders do our thinking for us ...)

I now see the critical importance of an ideal political party DEFINING
what are People's Concerns. Then, one can evaluate the performance of the
government against each concern in a tabular format, such as:

List of 	EVALUATION CRITERIA (rank on 1-10)	TOTAL
concerns	A 	B	C			SCORE


I think in a democracy we need citizens groups which will issue statements
of the type that Sonia Gandhi has issued above, based on well-documented,
solid research and data. We also need to know which concerns are not being
addressed properly. This conclusive and positive statement, made by one
leader against the other, might not be quite scientific, I am concerned.
With this information, I do not get a clear yardstick to evaluate and form
good judgments on the performance of the government. 

I would like to see things - in the Citizens Concerns, which are as
quantitative as possible:

* Freedom
* Income
* Health
* Transparency
* Levels of openness and competition
* Security and safety
* etc.


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