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My sincere concern

Dear Professor Prabhu,

I am most sorry to hear that you are in the midst of tragic news, and
would like to express my deep sympathies. 

Please do not bother about these debates on IP at the moment. If you wish,
please let me know and I will manually unsubscribe you till you feel

I do appreciate your response, however, and I feel that we perhaps had one
of those things known as a storm-in-a-teacup-debate. Perhaps, I must, too,
as did Keynes, "as forgiveness if, in the pursuit of sharp distinctions,
my controversy itself [was] too keen." (General Theory, page v).

The specific decisions made by the powerful politicians, which made our
country more and more corrupt - as you pointed out - are the ones that we
are seeking to reverse, on this list. In my mind there is no
classificaiton of a person into a politician and non-politician. All are
citizens. And we are therefore discussing these issues as citizens, even
though policy is usually reserved for politics. As living citizens, we
must decide what happens in our country. Not one or two leaders here or
there. We will tell them what we want in this nation of ours. Not they.
They are mere contractors of ours. Implementing OUR agenda as citizens. 
They can participate in building and modifying this agenda. But they
cannot dictate it for us. We will discuss and decide for ourselves.

I do believe we share very similar views and these views will get more
transparent when you have the time to return with us.


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