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Re: I would go by that

Sabhlok wrote:

>I think I would go with this view expressed by Ram, rather than by Prabhu
>hypotheses about Indians being affected by some disease.

>All leads point to one thing: defective system design. In fact, a
>terrible, system design.

Yes,  Indians do suffer from "disease"  - and I think the "disease" has been
clearly identified in the discussions ( although some issues that were
raised are irrelevant):

India's major (perhaps, only) disease:  a controlled non-transparent
protected economy - rotten and narcissistic  to the core - that has
destroyed all  initiative and enterprise.  That system must go  -   lock,
stock and barrel.  You will then see  an India that is going to surprise all
of us and the world.

Ram Narayanan
janaky@indiaintl.com or loraln@worldnet.att.net

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