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Re: PUBLIC: Re: Trusteeship, the nature of man, and utopia

Dear Sanjeev, Dear Kush and others on this list

I have had tragic news and so have not been able to respond to your messages, 
though I have read them.  I will try to continue to read them, but I will 
probably be unable to respond to them for the time being. 

For the present, I will say only:

1.  I am delighted, if it is true, that more and more people are getting fed up 
of corruption and forming groups to fight it.  I am happy to work with any and 
all who will attempt to fight it and to help India develop in a genuinely free 

2. My apologies if I gave the impression that I think we Indians are more 
corrupt by nature.  My point was that it was specific DECISIONS by powerful 
politicans which made our country more and more corrupt, and most of the country
as prepared to tolerate it or actually to go along with it (not necessarily 
because we like(d) it).  And that we have not had (till now, anyway) the 
systemic, organisational, moral, spiritual, motivational and other resources to 
challenge the increasing corruption of our society.  The decision to challenge 
corruption is costly, whether within a company, a group of people, or a country 
as a whole.

3. What is real and what is true can be bizarre (or at least appear bizarre, and
at least when one first comes across it).

4. Not all of us left India voluntarily.

5. Self-sacrifice can be of many different kinds.  It is not necessary to be 
living in India to be sacrificing quite a lot for her.

I will, if I may, return to the discussion when I have recovered somewhat from 
my grief.


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