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Reviewers to be shortlisted

Dear subscriber to IP:

The stage has come to start working on preparing a first preliminary draft
of the manifesto/ etc., based on the work put in during the last 4 months.

Some of you might be interested in becoming associated with the Task
forces which are going to be working on this task.

Others might not have the time for that, but they might have the time to
act as Reviewers.

A Reviewer's task would be to take a look at the draft manifesto (which
ultimately will be printed next year) and to make corrections/ suggestions
on that draft. I hope that Professors and academicians on this list would
consent to this task. The first draft will be circulated within the next

After each stage is gone through, the web page will be updated based on
the previously reviewed draft.

Thereafter, by the end of 1998, a preliminary copy of the manifesto would
be sent by mail to ALL well-known people of India, to get their
preliminary consent as a future signatory. At least 10,000 signatories
would be needed (oh well! as many as possible!). If you would like to help
in compiling names and addresses of well-known folk of India, in all
fields and disciplines, please write to me. 



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