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Religion, Corruption, Morality

The discussion on this subject has brought forth some interestng
viewpoints.  I am not sure I  read everything that was  said on  religion,
corruption and morality.   However, on the subject of religion and morality
I have one comment - an anecdote.

I married a staunch evangelical American Christian (a WASP) in 1987.  Her
first visit to India was in 1988. It was a pretty long trip. In all we spent
six weeks traveling in six cities. She met my mother (a pious Hindu) and
many of my friends and relations and their families. She really seemed to
enjoy herself interacting with Indian middle class families.  On her return
and at her first meeting with her pastor, I heard her saying that the
morality and ethical standards of Indians, the majority of whom are
non-Christian, are very high, far higher than those of the Americans !

Ram Narayanan
janaky@indiaintl.com or loraln@worldnet.att.net

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