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Re: PUBLIC: Re: Trusteeship, the nature of man, and utopia

>Equally, I think you will benefit from Mangalwadi's INDIA: THE GRAND
>EXPERIMENT in which he points out that even our own pride in our own
>heritage was made  possible because of the work of foreigners who were
>inspired by their devotion  to God and therefore stood against the
>interests of their own country (Britain) and laid the foundations of
>freedom for India knowing that it would make Indian  independence
>inevitable (a politically-unfashionable thesis but TRUE).

Dear Prabhu, Kush has already debated this and other issues you raised. But,
still I'm commenting on this one because your this opinion really gave me a
pain. I haven't read this book, but still I can say that opinion of the
author that "our own heritage was made  possible because of the work of
foreigners " will be acceptable only to those who always look to foreigners
for getting ratings on their own culture. I, for one, have always believed
in richness of our culture and past. I don't care for a foreigner's
(dis)approval of my traditions. And, come with me, I'll show you thousands
of such persons in India.  Good and bad things are associated with every
entity. One has to learn to take pride in good things while trying to
eliminate the evil ones.
Someone asked me once that what was the 1st impression you got after coming
to Japan. I said, very first thought in my mind was that India is best.

- Girish.

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