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Hello, I'm back!

Hie everyone,

Sanjeev and the rest of you must have wondered what happened to me for
the last 2 months, wondering if I had disappeared from the face of the
earth. No I haven't abandoned any of you. Basically I had an exam 2
months ago which I was studying for which kept me away. But bad luck hit
me the day after my exam when my computer crashed as I was trying to 
access my mail. Since then it has been stuck at the workshop (as it is
under guarantee) and those blokes at the workshop have been giving me
all sorts of reasons why the job is taking so long. I decided I just
couldn't wait any longer and bought myself a new computer yesterday. Boy
was I in for a surprise. I had to catch up with 470 letters from you
guys! Anyway, I've started reading them slowly, starting with those sent
in over the last 3-4 days.
    <If it makes you feel any better ( It made me feel like I wasn't 
alone). I feel this way all the time, everytime I read about injustice
in India, it hurts. There are nights I sit out on my balcony, staring at
the moon and thinking, "You know, *WE* should have set foot on the 
moon". Everytime I look around me in affluent America, I think: "*MY
COUNTRY* was supposed to be like this." When I was in college in India,
I would look around me and wonder: "why are we SUPPOSED to be a 
developing country?" And I would despair. And feel the hurt And then
some more. But now I am beginning to have a sense of direction after
meeting you people. I have hope. My American friends always ask me :"Are
you going to get your citizenship here?" I always answer no. They ask
me: "BUT WHY?". My simple answer: "I will never give up on India." I
have hope.>
     When I read these words from Manju I feel the same everyday
although I write from Singapore, on the other side of the planet,. Over
the last 2 months there has been a growing awareness on my part that I
must do all I can to help India. Only we Indians can help ourselves. No
one else is going to help us. Being a part of this group is my way to
contribute to India development. My hope is that this platform will grow
and grow until the vision becomes a reality . If that takes more than a
lifetimeto happen, well, then I'm making a lifelong committment to this
group. After all I'm only 28. I'ts only been 3 years since I graduated
as a doctor. I have 2 elderly parents to look after being the eldest in
the family and my family is not rich. I easily have the means to embark
on a successful surgical career and become wealthy and comfortable in
life with all the attending luxuries. But I'd rather live a life
committed to helping my fellow human beings. I want to be able to commit
as much time to the effort even when I have a family of my own. I may
not be able to give them much in material wealth but I can give them
love, a spirit of perseverance, of life long learning and education,
service to humanity and above all pride in the land of their
forefathers. Change is a lifelong process be it on the personal level,
community level or national level. Sometimes it takes place rapidly,
sometimes slowly but it always takes commitment.

    The formulation of the manifesto and the best policies is very
important. It must be detailed  and cover all aspects of the working of
the Nation. It must be available to a new political party who has the
interests of the Nation and its people regardless of language or
religion, at heart and not sectarian and corrupt interests. I would like
to be involved somehow in bringing such a party into reality with the
purpose of implementing the policies when they are voted into office. An
impossible goal? It was the untiring efforts of one man who inspired
many others to force the British out of India. Similarly it will be the
efforts of an untiring few who will inspire many to ultimately reach the
goal. Two things are needed to acheive this goal, a group of people with
honesty, integrity and sacrifice to run as candidates and money to
finance their campaign strategy.

1) candidates
        Perhaps no one has as much idealism and energy as young people.
Those from the universities and those who have just graduated may be
inspired to join. This does not mean other age groups will be excluded.
A youth wing of the party can be formed. A committee can be formed to
select candidates based on set rules. A branch called Friends of the
Party can be formed where all who share in the vision of the party can
volunteer their services eg paint banners , put up posters, give out
stickers or whatever services they would like to contribute. Campaign
organizing groups can be formed for each state. etc,etc,etc

2) money
        A fund can be started with the purpose of financing the
campaign. Any amount from any individuals or companies is acceptable. A
person experienced in finance can look after such a fund, the accounts
of which will be transparent and available for the public to review on
the webpage. Those who have contributed but do not have a computer can
write in and a summary of the accounts can be posted to the person.
Prudent investments can be made to allow the funds to grow.

        I'm not suggesting that any of those on this list should run as
a candidate or that we should go around asking for donations now. What I
am asking is that we consider the possibility and discuss approches and
strategies. And why not discuss the possibility? Scientists in NASA and
Europe are today discussing openly the possibility of terraforming Mars
to make it a hospitable planet for man to live in the next 100 to 200
years time. They have actually drawn up blueprints for how this can be
achieved based on the data they have acquired on the Red Planet and on
available scientific thoeries and engineering techniques. If there are
people actually talking about living on Mars why can't we talk about
making our more 'down to earth' vision a reality?
        Well, I for one am going to set aside $100 for such a fund for
starters when we decide to set up such a fund. It is my strongest belief
that as we flesh out more and more policies and as more and more people
come to know of our efforts to transform India, people will want to
donate as their way of contributing to our efforts. Every Indian who
lives outside India and many within India share our hopes for a better
India The fund should not be touched until we have the necessary people
and the action plan to go with our vision.Does any one want to put a
limit to the amount of 'campaign' donations we might receive? I
certainly would not.


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