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Re: PUBLIC: Re: Trusteeship, the nature of man, and utopia

Prabhu: There is a contradiction in your statements.  Are you saying
that Protestantism along with Catholicism and Judiasm has remained
intact in America, despite the onslaught of Industrialization?  Not
TRUE at all.  The fact is the Church has been forced to change and
make compromises with the change in American social consciousness and
demographics.  Moreover, you start from a wrong premise.  You are
implying that a "moral structure" exists in the West, and particularly
in America, this moral structure has been provided by the Protestants
and the Catholics and the Jews.  I do not think so.  A lack of
morality is not why corruption exists in India.  We have already gone
through this. (please see India_policy archives)  Even if one was to
concede that a "moral structure" exist or existed in America based on
Judeo-Christian ethics, it certainly did not prevent rampant public
corruption found just a couple decades ago in America (and in the
West). It is obvious that you have not studied the history of public
corruption in America.   Corruption in America diminished when: (1)
people got tired of it and decided to do something about it.  I think
the India people are now reaching that point.  (2) business class
realized corruption was bad for business -- no business can grow in a
corrupt climate.  The great depression of the thirties pulled the rug
out of American liazes faire capitalism.  American business realized
the importance of institutions and were willing to invest in them  (3)
With the introduction of technology and professional systems which
eliminated political interference, corruption was and is marginalized
Corruption is not linked to "lack of morality" and certainly has
nothing to do with a particular religious background.  Give
opportunity to the people today in America and they will be equally
corrupt as the Mexicans, Egytptians, and Indians.  However, the system
does not give that opportunity and the costs of corruption are high. 
I think I am surprised that you are bringing in this obscurantist
viewpoint which has very little to do with reality.  India is no
different.  As I said people are reaching that point of disgust.  The
next stage is now to modernize and change the system.  I am confident
that will happen and India will become a modern nation.

Kush Khatri.

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