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Re: Just hit a GOLDMINE!!!

Have been lurking and reading the postings. Here is my 2-cent contribution:
The Harvard psychologist B.F. Skinner wrote on cultural or social 
engineering. In 
fact there was a journal "Journal of Behavioral Engineering". 
B.F. Skinner wrote a novel "Twin Oakes". There were started actual 
experimental communes on experimental living styles, some of which were 
along the lines of Twin Oakes. 
The core is: If you want some specific behavior from humans, then you 
have to create a external conditions suitable for that. Don't blame the 
humans. Spell out the conditions and create them. A good start is the 
electoral reforms, qualifications of those who wish to contest election, 
auditing and filing of tax return on the donations received by political 
parties and of course transparency (which implies public exposure and 
embarrasment-- a kind of social or conditioned punishment).


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