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RE: On Gandhi, Congress, and campaign finance

Sanjeev writes:

>Tell me if it was fair and OK for Gandhi to get money from the Birlas
>promote India's independence, why is it that we cannot get funds from
>Birlas and Tatas and others, to promote India's rise to the top of the

I don't care who gets money from whom. 
I do care if, in return for getting that money, officials/politicians
commit theft of public property on behalf of their paymasters.

I think it is wrong if in return for payment from "Birlas and Tatas"
they are allowed to pollute the air and water [a theft of public
resources, IMO].

I think it is wrong if in return for payment from "Birlas and Tatas"
they are allowed to exploit their workers and then have strikes busted
by public agencies like the police and paramilitary [a theft from the
workers, protection provided at public expense].

I think it is wrong if in return for payment from "Birlas and Tatas"
they receive the benefit of the construction roads and other public
infrastructure before people who don't payoff.

I could go on.

Was it fair Gandhi to get money from the Birlas? 
I don't see why not because in return Gandhi was not stealing public
property and delivering it to the Birlas- he had no ability to do so. He
was not promising the Birlas anything material. I don't see it as all
that different from charitable giving [with no strings attached].

Of course, if in return for the money Gandhi were to promise Birla
control of say the entire textile industry through government control
upon independence I would consider that wrong.



On another note Sanjeev wrote:

I do not wish to dissect my personal life and my personal choices in
this forum.
I don't think, my personal circumstances have any bearing on the truth
or falsehood of what I write here. 
Yes, I've been a wage slave all my working life, that does not mean I
consider the system I work in to be ideal. But this is neither here nor
elsewhere, I also happen to love children and I happen to be single- so
I don't live up to my ideals. I fail to see how this has anything to do
with anything.


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