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PUBLIC: Re: Trusteeship, the nature of man, and utopia Dear SS (if you will allow me to address you so!) I have been following the IP discussions for a short while and your EM below interested me. It seems that you allow a liberal fallacy space in your mind when you attribute the advances of the US system to liberalism, because liberalism can only work where there is a minimum moral framework. In the case of the USA, this has been provided largely by Protestantism (though assisted, of course by Judaism and Catholicism). The reason I attribute Protestantism a larger role is first for historical reasons (with which you are well acquainted, I imagine) but secondly and mainly because Protestantism has continued to provide a moral framework through the atomisation of social structures which is an inevitable result of industrialisation and modernisation (Judaism and Catholicism have been able to sustain such influence largely where their social structures have remained intact). As social structures in India disintegrate with the impact of modernisation and industrialisation, we have no body providing a moral framework any more, and the result is the corruption we all deplore. The "return" to a new-fangled Hinduism invented by the BJP and its allies will not do, because their theologies offer no rational basis for morality. Nor do our traditional theologies. But I come to a more basic point: MOST systems can be made to work, at least after a fashion, where the majority of people are honest, hard-working, and have some sense of their responsibilities to others and to the overall society (or country or State or World). EVERY system will break down where such a moral sense is absent. It could be argued that the present system in the US is breaking down because the US has become morally a two-tier society, with "grass-roots" mentality still shaped by Protestantism, but the "commanding heights of the society" now shaped by no sense of morality at all, except the values of money, personal greed/comfort and power. I do not find that any of the discussions in IP have addressed this basic problem thus far. Prabhu (is fine to call me) Professor Prabhu Guptara Director, Organisational and Executive Development Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre (a subsidiary of UBS AG) CH-8272 Ermatingen Switzerland Tel: + 41.71.663.5605 Fax: +41.71.663.5590 e-mail: prabhu.guptara@ubs.com

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