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RE: Some more research needed

Charu vs. Manoj: 

A titbit:
> 	> What constitutes a valid argument anyway?
> 	> 
> 	> If it satisfies the basic criteria of individual autonomy
> 	> and freedom of contract, it certainly constitutes a
> 	> valid argument!
> 	IMO, validity is not some thing provable or refutable in matters
> of social policy, it is a value judgment. [If you have a rigorous proof
> of your assertion above I'd love to see it].

Charu, please let me know what are your fundamental principles in life
(your value judgements)?

* Who is better? 
	A person who produces or a person who is a parasite?
	A person who creates wealth for all (including workers)
		or a person who destroys wealth (for the entire nation)

	(By the way, if you answered the former, then you must support
	corporations and any human activity designed to produce things
	of value)

* What should be the foundation of human relationships (rank them)
	Equality - as vaguely defined
	Freedom subject to non-coercion of others
	Contractual relationships to ensure non-coercion

* If you don't like corporate power, particularly in USA:
	Then why have you worked for corporations and firms 
		all your life?
	Why did you not work in NGOs in India, such as Shram India
		(with which I am deeply associated)?
	What alternative method have you devised (apart from corporate
		law) to produce goods, pay taxes, and to get finance from

* Do you have a completely working model for India, or for any society, in
which the clear principles are defined?

* Do you believe (sincerely) that citizens will EVER contribute anything
substantial to political parties in India? Did you know (and the exact
quote is not with me, but I can get it), that even Gandhi, in 1930, was
seriously dejected, disappointed and dismayed by not getting more than
10-15 thousand paying members of Congress Party after nearly 35 years of
the existence of that party? People were just not willing to pay. He then
had to go about collecting funds from big firms, like the Birlas? 

The reality has always been that individual citizens will NEVER pay since
it is not in their interest to pay. So, when you set limit of 1/2 of all
funds from corporations, remember that that could end up with Rs. 2000. 
(In the USA the things maybe slightly different, but after data analysis,
I will let you know what percent was paid by individuals and what came
from 'soft money'). Citizens will pay perhaps Rs.2,000 to vote me to the
Parliament. And if I or anyone else, say Mr.X, has this limit of 1/2, then
all I can get from corporations is Rs.2,000. Even our independence
movement was not run on that formula. You promised to work out a method to
elect Prem to the Parliament. Unfortunately, Prem cannot be elected with
Rs.4,000 as an MP today. 

Well, I have many more questions, but these should do. I think we differ
a little bit on fundamental principles, and so I revert to the fundamental
principles, again, this time. 

I urge you to propose the alternative to "Free Citizen"  - since
everything will have to follow from that. We go too far afield without
determining our basic criteria of existence. 


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