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Re: Some more research needed

Just a clarification: I personally would vote to ban corporate funding of
elections. I would let only individuals pay for election-funding.

I suspect though that the philosophical differences between Sanjeev & I on
one hand and Charu on the other run deeper than that.
> The basis of my evaluation is the equalization of opportunity
>and the minimization of hierarchies and power of person[s] over others
>and where they do exist their purpose must be continuously reviewed and
>justified for them to continue to exist. I'm referring to both
>governments and corporations.
I fear ALL monopoly power (state, corporate, religious). IMO it is a lot
easier & cleaner to have a system of anti-trust (to prevent monopoly
formation) than it is to devise a system to satisfy your vague criteria
(e.g., who will decide? who will enforce?)

The one basic libertarian principle I have is: the less the govt does, the
better it can be. Also, the less it does, the more legitimacy it has.

- Manoj

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