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RE: Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute.

Once again, sorry for the delay in replying. I'm really
trailing behind quite a bit in bringing myself up to 

Reasons why I wouldn't want to be an MP:

1. There is no real career for me. If I'm not elected,
where is my steady income (that I'd get if I was a 
professional) come from? This is assuming that I'm 
honest and that I don't have aspirations of hoarding
money for myself once I get into office. If there is a
steady income in politics, that itself reflects my 
ingorance in not knowing this - and the ignorance of 
millions who think like me.

2. Politicians have a stigma among the general populace
that they are good-for-nothing. Most of us grow up 
being told that if you are not capable of anything in
life, become a politician. 

3. Politics is seen today as a joke. Look at all the 
bickering, the petty issues, the selfishness and the 
callousness in being apathetic towards the masses
while these MPs stuff their own pockets. How can a 
honest person like myself survive in such an 
4. Rival politicians are always going to try to
tarnish my image even if I'm honest. I'm sure they are
going to throw accusation after accusation at me even
if they know that these are groundless. When I know 
that their real intentions are just to put me down so
that they can rise to power with me out of the way, why
would I even want to be in such a 'career'?

Now here are reasons why I'd want to be an MP:

1. I still love my motherland VERY MUCH! If I know I 
can do something for her betterment, BY GOD, I'M GOING

2. If I can find a group of dedicated honest people 
who have the same ideals as myself ( And I'm so glad 
I found out about you folks), I would LOVE to become
an MP knowing that I have the support of honest fellow 
Indians and I know I stand a chance at making my India
a better place to live in, for her people. 

3. I want India to be prosperous and her people to be 
able to live a decent and honest life. I want India to
be classified as a developed nation on par, if not 
better, with the most developed nations in the world 
today. I want to have more reason to have pride in 
being Indian. Simple as that. I want our people to be
respected by the world community. The devil in me might
also be thrilled to see long lines in front of the 
Indian Consulates in the US in the future! I would love
to see that in my lifetime!

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