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RE: Some more research needed

	Manoj Padki[SMTP:mpadki@tiac.net] writes:
	Charu wrote:
	>> I don't dispute that corporations represent huge foci of
	>> and that much material development has resulted from the
	>> application of this power, I'm saying that we need to take a
	>> closer look at 1. the social cost of the corporation becoming
	>> seat of most monetary and consequently political power, and
	>> 2. alternatives we can devise [isn't that what this group
	>> alternatives?]
	> Do you want to put any alternative on the table?

	I already have: ban corporate election funding.

	You may recall, these comments were made in the context of
campaign financing and I advocated that corporations not have the
ability to buy political power, and that this be achieved by banning
corporate political funding.

	>> I want to point out that simply because some method of social
	>> organization leads to huge gains in profitability [for some]
	>> does not necessarily constitute a valid argument for its
	> What constitutes a valid argument anyway?
	> If it satisfies the basic criteria of individual autonomy
	> and freedom of contract, it certainly constitutes a
	> valid argument!

	IMO, validity is not some thing provable or refutable in matters
of social policy, it is a value judgment. [If you have a rigorous proof
of your assertion above I'd love to see it].

	You've stated, the basis of your value judgments above though I
don't know what you mean by freedom of contract.

	The basis of my evaluation is the equalization of opportunity
and the minimization of hierarchies and power of person[s] over others
and where they do exist their purpose must be continuously reviewed and
justified for them to continue to exist. I'm referring to both
governments and corporations.

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