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RE: Some more research needed

> IMO the notion of limited liability corporation is one of
	>the greatest innovations of humanity. That mobilized an
enormous amount >of capital, risk-taking & innovation and led to
practically all of today's

	>Do not look at today's corporation as a 'sui generis' entity.
It has evolved
	>over a couple of millenia, and has withstood the test of time.
So you can
	>keep arguing (& may be you will design a better organization),
but please
	>give the concept its due.

I don't dispute that corporations represent huge foci of power and that
much material development has resulted from the application of this
power, I'm saying that we need to take a closer look at
1. 	the social cost of the corporation becoming the seat of most
monetary and consequently political power, and
2. 	alternatives we can devise [isn't that what this group about,

I want to point out that simply because some method of social
organization leads to huge gains in profitability [for some] does not
necessarily constitute a valid argument for its adoption.

An extreme example is the commercial development of the American South.
The development of its economy would have been very different [but not
impossible] without the free labor represented by slavery to grow
cotton. At the time, 100-200 years ago, cotton represented a strategic
world resource that was key to development of major industry through
production of cloth and it's export, some of the state interventions
around this activity were the british destruction of the Indian cloth
industry through tariffs and the American annexation of Texas to control
cotton growing areas and thus a major chunk of the world supply of this
then strategic resource. 

If this seems too distant in the past to comprehend, consider that China
is able to "compete" in world markets producing goods cheaply by the use
of prison labor, or labor that is tightly controlled in a totalitarian
political system with unions controlled by the same people who control
the state and workers unable to move freely geographically. Simply
because this system produces great wealth [for the chinese nomenklatura
at the top of the party hierarchy] or "mobilized an enormous amount of
capital, risk-taking & innovation" does not persuade me that this is a
system is desirable or any more desirable than a corporate oligopoly.

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