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RE: Some more research needed

	Sanjeev Sabhlok[SMTP:sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu]  wrote:

	. . .
	>>Corporations as centrally planned 'economies':
	>One parting shot: I will throw you a homework exercise until
then. Design
	>a contractual arrangement which will - optimally - be able to
	>design, build (produce), and sell, a massive jumbo jet. If you
can design
	>anything better than a corporate structure, you will be
GUARANTEED to get a Nobel Prize. 

You have picked a _VERY_ poor example to illustrate your argument.

At this time there are only 2 major civilian aircraft manufacturers in
the world. Boeing-Mcdonnell and Airbus. Both are the products of massive
government [public] funding and planning/market intervention: Airbus
transparently, and Boeing-McDonnell through indirect subsidies directed
through the pentagon and NASA. The latter has been well documented in a
book by Frank Kofsky It describes the war scares that were manipulated
in 1947 and 1948 to try to ram spending bills through Congress to save
the aeronautical industry. (That wasn't the only purpose of these war
scares, but it was a big factor.) 

	>I promise you. No one has yet done better than a corporate
	>design. You would be the first and only one to come up with
	>structure to take the human race forward. 

This argument is analogous to arguments for monarchy 150 years ago that
might have run "No one has yet found a better way to run a nation than a
system of a monarch, nobility, and clergy".
Sorry, you'll have to do better than that in your book if you don't want
it to be dismissed out of hand.

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