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Research: USA: Political campaign reform

Research resources:

a) Web:

I did not know that political campaign finance attracts so much attention
in the USA. The Yahoo site listed below is a gold mine of information.
Check it out (let us all research this topic in our spare time)




http://www.brook.edu/gs/sourcebk/chap5.htm, etc.

b) Books:

JC423.C663 1996
Comparing democracies : elections and voting in global perspectives /
Lawrence LeDuc, Richard G. Niemi, Pippa Norris,editors. LeDuc, Lawrence. 

JK1991.C345 1997
Campaign Finance Reform: A Sourcebook / Anthony Corrado ... [et al.],
editors.  Corrado, Anthony, 

Y 4.H 81/3:C 15/5
Campaign finance reform legislation : the role of political parties :
hearing before the Committee on House Oversight, House of Representatives,
One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, December 12, 1995.United
States. Congress. House. Committee on House Oversight. 

KF4920.G35 1996
Improper influence : campaign finance law, political interest groups, and
the problem of equality / Thomas Gais.Gais, Thomas, 1952- 

JK521.I5 1996
In pursuit of the White House : how we choose our presidential nominees /
edited by William G. Mayer. Mayer, William G., 1956- 

KF4920.Z95S8 1984
Facts on PACs : political action committees & American campaign finance /
[researched and written by Mary N. Stone].Stone, Mary N. 

Z7164.A2P7 NO.808
Political campaign finance / Terry Lutes.Lutes, Terry. 

I believe that there would be some folks on this list with specialization
in political science. Maybe they should tell us how the US campaign
finance started, and how it evolved, and what are its current deficiencies
being debated.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge with us.


[PS: This also happens to be my first post after having passed on the
baton of moderator to Prem. Hope it works!]

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