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Prem, simply lose hope ...

Sanjeev, the following posting was naturally very disturbing. the thought
which comes to my mind is that this gentleman should be persuaded to
publicize his experience. you mentioned that he is now leading a retired
life, so he need not be afraid to name names. that is the very least we can
do....i am quite sure all indian papers will be happy to publish his letter
(perhaps on front page) if he wrote to them. please do try to make him do so. 

there may be some concern about a defaming suit against the gentleman. i
wud think however that the risk should be extremely small and should be
taken. without doubt the concerned politician would have sought huge bribes
from other sources too. if a defamation suit is brought against the
gentleman, there is every likelihood that some of these other affected
people would be willing to give evidence in support of the gentleman. even
otherwise, i hope the gentleman can place the nation's interest above his
own. unless we take appropriate action at every opportunity, there is no
way of bringing about any change. I have a feeling that a reputed and
conscientious lawyer like Nani Palkhiwala would readily agree to defend
the gentleman should the need arise. such high profile cases would do great
service for the nation.

>From: Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu>
>I'm continuing the topic of electoral reform for a minute more. 
>I just came back from a social get-together where I met an Indian
>gentleman who has worked in the power sector all his life in USA and
>Indonesia. He informed me that like all other good Indians he wanted to do
>his best for India, and so while at Boston with an American firm, he tried
>to get two or three power plants going in India. His firm reluctantly
>agreed to invest time and effort and money in this concept. Went on trying
>for quite some time. This and that. The usual red tape.  Finally, when he
>met one very powerful CM of a state - a person who is now a very powerful
>person in India - that person demanded five million dollars in cash. At
>that, his company's patience broke down.  The projects were scuttled, I
>believe (not sure, since then, the conversation went on to other things).
>I have no reason to disbelieve this since this man is now retired, and was
>merely recapitulating his life with me when he learnt that I belong to
>that twice-born service. What he said also fits in perfectly well with my
>analysis of how things are done in India. No surprises here at all. 

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