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Re: Aha! One more attack on good sense

I think this is something we all have to come to terms with. As for my
strategy, I do not intend to engage in a discussion with these
'intellectuals'. They have made up their minds and do not want to be
'confused' by inconvenient facts. Also, America-bashing is the favorite
political sport around the world (as also in the leftist academia within the
US). The way I see it, it is their problem. I refuse to fight.

- manoj


[NOTE from moderator: Dear friends, the role of moderator for August will
be taken up by Prem Rallabandi. And for September it will be Puneet. I am
trying to see how to transfer this job to him. If you find funny messages
for a while, please bear with me. Others who would like to take this role
after September, please raise your hands and send me mail.  It will be
good if we can share this task. The moderator's role, so far, has been to
screen out/ seek modification by author/s on: 

* direct commercial messages, if any
* messages where the person posting is writing on behalf of a group. We
want all debate here to be a purely personal one: each person speaks
his/her views as a concerned citizen/ indvidual and not on behalf of any
* messages where more discreet words could be used (emotions are fine, by
me; just that a minimum standard of the use of the Queen's English)

I feel at the end of one month of moderation that the quality of debate
has been steadily rising. I am sure Prem and Puneet, and others after
them, will take it to much higher levels.

I will continue to do the web page updation, as usual. I am toying with
the idea of purchasing the domain: indiapolicy.org

That will be purchased in the name of 

	IndiaPolicy Institute of Political Economy

	which will hopefully be registered as an independent virtual think
	tank based in USA, with an Indian Affiliate, both to be
	established in the next 2 years.

How does this idea sound? I think this concept of public debate among
citizens has to be institutionalized, and cannot be supported for ever as
a pure labor of love. My fingers are aching, and my studies are suffering. 
But this concept of dissemination of knowledge, and public debate, is
sorely needed by all Indians wherever they are located. This is different
from newspapers in being a highly interactive forum. I think it is
sustainable. Question is: How? We need to formalize it a bit. Organize it.
Thoughts would be most welcome. 

SS ]

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