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Re: Agricultural reforms

N. Arvind Kumar wrote:

> ....
> Finally, we all should realize that the subsidy to farmers comes
> under heavy criticism but not one word is uttered about subsidy
> for education, subsidy for rail travel etc. Is it because we
> directly benefit from it?
> Also, will we accept market rates for food items? If subsidies
> are criticised, shouldn't they at least have the right to fix
> the prices? These are difficult questions to answer.

Sharad Joshi, who runs a unique farmers movement largely in Maharastra,
has argued that the subsidies to farmers are actually negative when
accounted for the lower than world prices that farmers get for their
produce.  He is not  on the net, but he writes a regular column for
Business India, which may be on the net.  One may find his columns

His farmers organization, Setkari Sangathana, is probably the only one
in the world who has asked for abolition of all subsidies (with the
removal of all price and export-import controls on agricultural
products).  He thinks that Indian farmers will be far better off in a
laissez faire regime than under the mai-bap sarkar.


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