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Minutes Of The Board Of Directors

Held  on July 16, 1999 at the office of the Trust at Hyderabad

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India Policy Institute

Minutes Of The Board Of Directors

Held  on July 16, 1999 at the office of the Trust at Hyderabad.



Ajay Gandhi

M R Vikram


The Directors discussed various issues and took the following decisions by

passing resolutions.


The Directors decided to increase the number of Trustees from 11 to 12. The

following Resolution was, therefore, passed:


"Resolved that the Trust shall have 12 Directors and that clause No.25 may

be suitably be considered altered."



The Directors decided to appoint more Directors. As such, the following

resolution was passed:


"Resolved that the following persons are appointed Directors/Trustees of the

Trust with immediate effect:

1. MR SANJEEV SABHLOK of 3115 S. Orchard Ave. #342,Los Angeles CA 90007 USA

2. MR SHASHI SHEKHAR of 15215 Berry Trail, #602, Dallas, TX, 75248 USA

3. MR VAMSI MUSUNURU of 35560 Grand River Ave., #192, Farmington Hills, MI

48335 USA

4. MR BHUWAN KULSHRESHTHA of 3654B Monroe Avenue #23, Pittsford, New York -

14534 USA

5. MR RAJEEV MANIKOTH of 025 West, Trinity Woods, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore -

560 034

6. MR UMESH K. TIWARI of 1200, East Algonquin Road,#3K, Schaumburg, IL 60173


7. MR SURESH KUMAR ANAND of Marine Department, Harbour Building, 21/F, 38

Pier Road, Central, G.P.O.Box 4155 Hong Kong

8. MR ANTONY JOSEPH, of 5034 Horat Terrace, Fremont  CA 94555

9. MR ASHWIN MAHESH of Box 351650, University of Washington, Seattle WA

98195-1650, USA


The Board thanks Mr Nikhil Parikh and Mr Barun Mitra for the excellent

assistance they provided in helping the Board appoint other directors.




The Board discussed the financial affairs and decided to entrust the

accounting function to Mr Ajay Gandhi. The following resolution was,

therefore, passed:

"Resolved that Ajay Gandhi shall maintain proper accounts of the financial

transactions and submit a monthly statement of account before the 10th of

the next month."


The Board acknowledged the receipt of donations from various parties. The

Board thanks the donors for their concern and involvement.


With no other business, the meeting was closed.



Ajay Gandhi                                                      M R Vikram

July 16, 1999