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IPI is a think tank started in 1998 and re-registered in 2021, to promote good public policy and governance in India. 


Pankaj Das, President and Founder (daspankaj01@gmail.com) 
Manoj Kumar Talukdar, Director
Jintu Kumar Sharma, Director and Secretary
Sanjeev Sabhlok, Executive Director (sabhlok@gmail.com)

Terms of appointment: The term of the first three directors above is for 5 years from 26 August 2021. For Sanjeev Sabhlok the appointment is for five years from 13 September 2021. 


HN 16, Suruj Nagar, Near Modern English School
Odalbakra, PO Kahilipara
Guwahati, Assam, 781019

Brief history

India Policy Institute (IPI) started as an offshoot of the india_policy mailing list commenced by Sanjeev Sabhlok in early 1998 as part of a commitment to bring liberty to India. It was registered in Hyderabad in 1999 as a Trust and became one of India's premier think tanks on public policy.

In 2004 IPI organised a major workshop for India's liberals. In 2009 IPI launched a policy magazine (currently on hold). In 2013, IPI organised a major governance reforms conference.

In 2021, IPI has re-registered as a Trust and intends to revamp efforts to promote good policy in India.

Archival information

The 1999 Trust Deed

Objectives of the India Policy Institute

Management of the India Policy Institute

Funds and commitments

6 comments on “About us

  1. Megha Wadhwani says:


    My name is Megha Wadhwani and I am a student at the University of Toronto pursuing an Honours BA in Political Science. I am currently conducting a project for the U of T School of Public Policy and Governance in which I’m researching internships in the area of public policy. There seems to be a lack of positions in this field for students, which is why I am creating a database that outlines the opportunities available.

    One of the areas I’m researching is positions for students in Canada looking for policy work in India. India and Canada have a lot to offer each other and given the similarities they have, they can learn a lot from each other. I know that the India Policy Institute conducts a significant amount of policy work in India and I was wondering if you would have any positions available for Canadian students? I would really appreciate any
    help you can provide me with, even if it is just pointing me in the right direction.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


    Megha Wadhwani

  2. sabhlok says:

    Thanks Megha

    IPI is a primarily a public policy dissemination institute, not policy research institute. It is also run by volunteers, in the virtual space, with no ground level presence. So we don’t have internship opportunities. However, we would welcome articles for our magazine, India Policy Update.

    I will write to you separately re: alternative places to explore. In particular, the CCS. More later.


  3. Ushma says:

    My name is Ushma Ghatlia and I recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Law – I am interested in doing some public policy work – can you please tell me the process of submitting articles to your magazine, as well as if you're looking for articles on any specific subjects? 

  4. sabhlok says:

    Dear Ushma

    I’m afraid the IPU stopped after the first issue given resourcing issues. I suggest the best way to publish your thoughts is on your own blog. Should your work be of interest to me, I’m happy to link to my blog http://sabhlokcity.com/. Today, time constraints and the existence of the web means that there is often far higher readership of policy articles directly from blogs than through policy magazines.


  5. Rajat Khawas says:

    Hi Megha, Ushma , 
    This is for everyone interested in Policy & Research and keep the ball rolling . I represent Joint Policy Advisory group . Its a one of its initiative in India with 100% focus on TVE&T.     I will like to welcome anyone interested to start projects
    Warm regards
    Rajat  Khawas                                                                                                                                     

  6. Following up on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inaugural address at the NITI ‘Transforming India’ Lecture Series, in New Delhi (https://newsroom24x7.com/2016/08/26/transforming-india-modi-for-rapid-transformation-and-not-gradual-evolution/), newsroom24x7.com has published two analytical write-ups on bureaucracy in India.

    The links to the write-ups are as follows:

    1. Collapse of the Steel Frame of Indian Bureaucracy and Modi’s call for Rapid Transformation of the Administrative Systems

    2. How the steel frame of administration was reduced to a bamboo frame

    We are sending this email for reference purpose.

    with regards

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